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Finally, answers to your biggest money questions

Should I rent or buy my next home?  And how much home can I afford?


When is it safe for my spouse quit their job?

Overall, how financially stable am I?

Using the MyLife planning tool, you're able to gain an understanding of your common but deceptively complicated money questions.

  • How much should I be saving for retirement?
  • When can I buy my dream car?
  • Should I buy or lease my next car?
  • What's the lowest salary I can afford to accept when switching careers?
  • What can I afford when I pay off my debts?


And most importantly all these questions are evaluated within the context of all your other financial decisions.  You can then figure out what trade-offs make the most sense for your lifestyle and risk tolerance.

What is FSITM?

Financial Stability IndexTM (FSI) is a proprietary index number developed to represent your total personal financial wellness.


How's FSI calculated?

FSI is a function of 4 different financial factors which make up the pillars of financial stability for a household.  Each of these are measured and then given a weighted value based on your age, since as you get older, the priority of each of these changes dramatically.

  1. Monthly Surplus:  measure of what % extra income you have each month
  2. Cash Ratio:  measure of how long your savings could sustain your lifestyle if you lost your income
  3. Retirement Readiness:  the % of your current lifestyle you could sustain for the full length of your retirement based on the expected value of your funds at retirement
  4. Solvency:  the ratio of your assets to your liabilities



What does my FSI value mean?

  • Less than 3: Your lifestyle is at risk of life-changing money problems if your FSI continues to be lower than 3. The safe bet would be to take immediate steps to improve.
  • 3-4:  You're doing good and can continue on your current path without too much worry.  Even if stuff hits the fan, you can likely weather it and come out ok on the other side.
  • Greater than 4: You're very financially secure.  Households in this FSI range tend to be able to focus on wealth building by taking on more investment risks.


I need help with my financial plan:

Totally understandable!  Whether you want financial planner's professional advice or just some help with the MyLife tool, contact us.  We're here for you, always.

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