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The detailed breakdown of how we calculate your Financial Stability Index (FSI) number


We’re not doing any fancy magic here, just making it much easier for simple folks like ourselves better understand their financial situation.  Because with understanding comes power.


There are 4 factors that go into calculating your FSI. Some of these are textbook ratios, and some are heavily modified versions of ratios in order to be more applicable to us normals.


The 4 factors are:  Lifestyle Surplus, Cash Ratio, Solvency, and Retirement Readiness.


#1  Lifestyle Surplus (heavily modified Savings ratio)


What does this represent?  Simply put, it’s a measure of how much excess money you have coming in after you subtract out your average monthly spending to keep the lifestyle you’ve chosen for yourself.  This one is by far the most important in determining your total Financial Stability Index (FSI).  Because a low rating means we’re living outside of our means and need to take immediate action to course correct.



+ Monthly Income

- Taxes

+ Rent

+ Vehicle costs

+ Food

+ Entertainment

+ MIN debt payments

+ Subscriptions

+ Utilities

+ Insurance

+ Avg. misc expenses

Target goal:


+ 10%

And my Lifestyle Surplus number is NOT 10%...

I’m below +10%?


You already know the answer to this question.  You need to adjust your lifestyle.  Be ruthless, be merciless.  Nothing is a “must-have”.  There’s people living on minimum wage and making it work.  Move in with parents, co-habitate, eat out less, drink water out of the tap, quit netflix… whatever you have to do get this over 10% otherwise you will always be at serious risk.


I’m above +10%?


Great work!   Stay diligent here, and if you MUST dip your number below 10%, understand you’re putting yourself in a risky situation. Now you can start looking at the next core aspect of your personal finances.


Lifestyle Surplus FAQ:

Learn more about the other FSI factors...

Cash Ratio


Retirement Readiness

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